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Interaction and Entropy Logic Theory

Non-invasive quantum bioresonance scans and treatments to promote self-healing, longevity, raise consciousness, and improve overall well-being.

Begin your Quantum Meta Health journey by logging into your account and uploading a headshot and full-body photo. Include your birthdate and blood type, selecting "?" if unsure. Our technology then extracts data from the quantum field, aligned with your DNA and RNA, to provide a detailed Non-Linear Scanning (NLS) body analysis report, laying the foundation for a personalized health and wellness plan.

Our unique treatment, using quantum entanglement and frequencies, specifically targets your health needs, forming a customized wellness plan just for you.

1. Update your account:

Select your preferred Scan & treatment type, fill in Settings, and update Technical understanding.

2. Master the routine & choose your scanning material type:

Learn and practice at least the basics of the Free ISHA Cure, then request your DNA/RNA Sample Kit if you want a full DNA/RNA sample analysis spectrum, or book your remote service appointment directly if you choose only photo scanning.

While we always prefer full spectrum analysis, including all DNA, RNA, and photo samples present, for maximum benefits on all levels, it’s up to you to select the scan and treatment type. They both show exactly the same results.

3. Experience balanced vibration transmission for weeks of benefits:
The process involves submitting dry DNA/RNA samples and photos, which are stored hygienically and refrigerated. On session days, samples are placed in the Quantum Meta Black Box for remote scans and treatments, utilizing special light trigger sensors and scalar waves. Results are analyzed for organ conditions and bioreceptor status, aiming to correct them to BioNorth orientation for self-healing. Samples are valid for 5 weeks, prompting reordering if necessary. META-Correction benefits may persist for 2–4 weeks post-session. Monthly sessions are recommended to maintain well-being and induce bioreceptor changes. The maximum frequency is one session per day.

Your day is filled with joy and success!

The Quantum Meta Health Team

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