Bio communication & Information field/Bio field/Aura in relation with Nonlinear Systems (NLS)

The Bio communication & Information field is also called the Bio field or Aura for many centuries. This field holds all information within – imprinted in DNA and without – outside the body, experienced by many thousands of years.

Did you notice that the heart, Aura, chakras, (sun)light – all consist of the same 7 colourful layers?

We are not unique; animals, fish, trees, insects, and even stones – they all share the same essence.

That’s why Jesus said, “God is everywhere, even in this stone.” That’s why there is lithotherapy, or stone therapy, which can be very effective and has been used for thousands of years.

The Bio communication field does analysis on all levels and communicates with the brain & parasympathetic system (the command centre). Also with the chakras, niduses, and the outer world.

The heart (frequency amplifier) consists of 7 torsing Möbius/muscle layers/sub frequencies to empower the generated or received frequencies throughout the body. 

The Bio communication field has 7 layers of sub frequency transmitters (also seen as colours by healers).

The 7 main chakras receive and transmit frequencies throughout the 72,000 bioreceptors, niduses, and energy points, which, on their part, communicate with the nervous system.

Bio communication & Information field functions by:

1. DNA/RNA + Blood type

DNA and RNA hold programs genetically imprinted: 99% are non-active but can be activated by long periods of stress, trauma, or lack of sodium bicarbonate, zinc, magnesium, negative ions, or by malfunctioning of the mitochondrial membrane.

It also receives and transmits information about the outer world, people, animals, and plants. It is charged as well by yourself, the sun, electricity, magnets (Bio North), the seashore, the wood, etc.

The DNA/RNA carries everything, including all biology, it determines hair color, skin color, blood type, genetic predisposition programs, and other variations. DNA/RNA is a scalar-wave fractal antenna capable of 
transmitting downloads and receiving encoded messages on its Bioreceptor sites.

Blood types are just a trait that we have according to the ancestry of the family we incarnate into. It has an impact on your psychological traits, diet optimization, and, more likely, pathological processes.

We are all, biologically, a mix of genetics from multiple sources. There is no superior or inferior blood type. DNA and RNA are much more relevant to our human experience.

2. Negative ions

The Bio communication Field consists of negative ions, which are the extension of Bio communication molecules and Bioreceptors.

Negative ions are the extended communication platform of your body.

Einstein missed this, he knew it was important, but did not know what it was, so he called it “spooky”. Others call it the “spark of God” within (us) all. Without communication (the lackage of sodium bicarbonate + magnesium + negative ions), no information comes to the brain and parasympathetic system → no actions/corrections from the brain and parasympathetic system. Bugs, diseases, genetic disorders, imprints, curses, all get free play – no life or a limited and miserable life as a result.

The model works as following:

Bioreceptors swirl and communicate with → negative ions  sodium bicarbonate molecules → magnesium molecules  sodium bicarbonate molecules  negative ions  parasympathetic system  action or signal → brain → ACTION (example: detects a virus, tells the thyroid to program cells to attack or if too big create an inflammation on the spot) → negative ions → sodium bicarbonate molecules → magnesium molecules → sodium bicarbonate molecules  → negative ions → Bioreceptors.

The internal membrane of the mitochondria produces negative ions in the body.

As we explained above in the Resonance Protocol, within the mitochondria, the ATP synthesizing system delivers the energy to the membrane. The ATP synthesizing system needs pyruvatecitric acid and taurine to get the energy for the internal membrane of the mitochondria to produce negative ions. 

3. Bioreceptors

Bioreceptors, niduses or energy points are on all levels: systems, organs, tissue, cells, DNA, RNA, and molecules. These are Bio North swirling, nuclear energy creators, energy holders or batteries. They are analyzers, communicators with the brain and parasympathetic system by the negative ion’s field molecules/Bio field and the sodium bicarbonate + magnesium + zinc molecules.

Bioreceptors have to be Bio North oriented to function properly. If they are upside down they can not function properly, consequently we can not too. That’s why we use our Quantum Biofeedback Nonlinear Systems to correct the Bio North orientation. 

Sources which paralyze Bioreceptors are:

  • Home electric wires and very strong paralyzing frequencies that are transmitted into our house. Sitting next to a loudspeaker or wall electrical socket can bring huge damage to the bioreceptors (these transmit very strong bad electromagnetic radiation up to 60 cm)
  • Wi-Fimobile phones, TV, Stereo
  • Acids beet sugar
  • Bad or loud frequencies, voices, music, noise (there is an old saying: “Avoid aggressive and loud speaking people, they are a negative ballast for your brain, body, and health.”)
  • Stress, negative thinking

By these sources, the Bioreceptors get paralyzed and lean to the left (numbers 4 and 5) or are totally upside down (numbers 6). So they can not swirl and create enough energy to analyze and to communicate.

The Bioreceptors (and DNA/RNA) can also be redirected to Bio North & energized by good frequencies. For example: Visionary musicThe Odyssey & DNA frequenciesThis is because they always have a reserve of 40%.

Learn more about Bioreceptor Status Number here.

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