Full-Body Empower

24-hour remote holistic session optimizes the whole body, connects with the Universe, reduces bioactivity of 120 different stress related viruses, parasites, fungi, worms, bacteria, mold, helminths and other microorganisms, empowers more than 600 organs and over 360 different DNA fragments, RNA fragments, chromosome pairs, invert reprintsgenetic predispositions, performs Quantum Physio treatments. The core components of the solution include:

Research Scanning [Example for 2 from 864 total organ positions]:

Body Analysis Report with CSS [Example]:

Video Rec of Remote Scanning

Video Recording of Remote Scan to check your Bioreceptor Status [Example]:

Microbe Depower

Treatment acts in a quantum field by sending remote scalar waves directly to bugs attached to the DNA/RNA. With Group 24, we use the resonant frequencies of all the most important stress-related bugs that are threatening human existence. Some diverse species of viruses, fungi, and bacteria were merged into groups with the same main resonant frequency to depower.

Microbe Depower

All Stress Related Microbes Depower [Example for 1 of total 121]:

Free ISHA Cure already very well reduces bioactivity/kill all stress related bugs, so they release fewer neurotoxins, Microbe Depower additionally helps by reducing stress to the body. 

It lowers body Bio communication errors and it lowers thinning rate of nerve ending insulation layer, which can result in less brain fog, less aggression/depression and less pain.

As we discover in the Free ISHA Cure, microbes inside cancer cells are partially blocking the ATP energy. We target the microbes inside cancer cells, thus reverting them into normal cells. Inspired by Dr. Royal Rife’s equipment, which kills the microbes inside the cancer cells, known as the “High Rife Frequency Device”, we use a similar Bug Frequency List to depower all stress related microbes.

Microbes with Coefficient of Spectral similarity (CSS):

• lower than 1.000 – DO
• higher than 1.000 – DON’T

cause stress to the body and mind.

Coefficient of Spectral Similarity (CSS) results:

 by staying committed with applying protocol, you can lift most microbes above critical CSS level 0.425
 with using a service Microbe Depower you help to lift these CSS levels to preferable regions above 1.000

Microbe Bioreceptor status number understanding

You don’t want stress related microbes in your body to have energy, aim for the opposite status numbers as for organs:

5, 6 = microbe depowered = normal 
low microbe bioactivity (do NOT produce stress to the body and mind)

1, 2, 3, 4 = microbe Bioreceptor empowered = abnormal = high microbe bioactivity (produce stress to the body and mind)

You can read more about Bioreceptor Status Number here.

Note: Microbe Depower does not kill bugs and does not necessarily lift CSS values alone, it only helps to reduce bioactivity of microbes (bugs) and speed up the process of bug elimination. If you want to kill bugs, please check instructions in 
Free ISHA Cure,, Page 4, Additional Tips.

When you have a well functioning Bio communication system and are rewarded with a good immune system, the body recognizes the source frequencies and all subgroups of frequencies, a.k.a. “Strains” from the bugs.

With all techniques combined (Free ISHA CureMicrobe DepowerMulti Rife Power ZapperIonic Detox Machine) you get total control over bugs in your body and your life changes significantly.

DNA Empower

We know that mitochondria's are the factories for our energy and that RNA is creating new instructions for new cells and new DNA. The goal must be not to create bad, inferior DNA with none or active programs for all diseases, but to create new, good DNA without all the failures.