DNA/RNA Sample Kit – Quantum Meta Health

32,90  available on subscription from 32,90  / day

DNA/RNA Sample Kit comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and tools to collect physical DNA/RNA samples simple, painless and quick.

Please note:

  • It should take less than a week for the DNA/RNA Sample Kit to arrive, customs delays can occur.
  • You are responsible for return shipping of the sample, please choose the fastest shipping option offered by your post provider.
  • Your actual kit may look different from the main image.



If you book a session and your DNA/RNA Sample Kit doesn’t arrive in time, system will automatically switch to only photo scanning; therefore, you should always update your recent unedited head photo and full-body photo in account Settings. You can also change the date of your appointment.

What's DNA/RNA?

DNA/RNA is a genetic material and scalar wave fractal antenna which is needed to connect your Bio communication & Information field with our Quantum Meta Black Box for remote scans & treatments.

It holds your imprinted programs and all information for many generations from grandparents and their grandparents. All previous life experiences of forefathers and mothers, diseases, stress, war, curses, injuries, traumas, and bugs (viruses, parasites, fungi, bacteria, helminths, etc.) are present in both the Bio communication field and the DNA/RNA.

The best results for remote scans and treatments were given by a combination of genetic material consisting: