8-Stage Water Purifier – Cosway, Hexagon® π Water System (Free Worldwide Fast Shipping)


Hexagon® 8-Stage Water Purifier gives you more than just clean water. It produces π Water or Energy Water that is endowed with many wondrous properties that are vital for health and important for supporting life functions. It infuses water with ionic minerals and trace elements like iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese, etc. Every sip is delicious, sweet, and smooth.

Our 8 Stage Water Purifier increases the water’s pH to a mild-alkaline level to perfectly match the body’s pH balance of 7.2 -7.5. This helps to combat unhealthy acidity in the body. It enhances detoxification and elimination of waste and helps in attaining and maintaining overall good health.


Enjoy Pure, Pristine Water for Life.

Water is the essence of life. The average adult is composed of almost 60% water. Drinking water helps nearly every part of the body to function at its best. But not all water is created equal. Chlorine-Free water and bottled water may be “clean” but they are so stripped and adulterated, they can do little or nothing to enhance your health.

There is a lot of people using wrong water systems, it’s mixing up their biochemical system and get strange Body Analysis Reports by using: Ozone, Distilled, Alkaline or Reverse Osmosis water systems.

Hexagon 8-Stage Water Purifier gives filtered, alkaline and ionized water. Minerals are preserved, it is magnetized so the water molecules can be better absorbed. It really makes the water alive and tastes very good.

1st: Ceramic Filter
Made of ceramic material from Japan, it filters away 99.99% of contaminants such as sediment, sludge, rust, and bacteria. Water is free of sediment and bacteria. Common water-borne bacteria, such as E-Coli and Cryptosporidium are larger than 1 micron.
2nd: Ion Exchange Resins
NSF- approved ion exchange resins from USA adjusts calcium and magnesium content to soften water. Water is softer and smoother to drink.
3rd: Activated Granular Carbon
NSF-approved Activated Granular Carbon from Japan adsorbs chlorine, odor and color. Water is chlorine-free and clear, without any offensive odors.
4th: Alkalizing Mineral Stones
100% natural mineral stones infuse water with ionic minerals and trace elements. Water is mineralized, sweet tasting and slightly alkaline to match the body’s balance of pH 7.2-7.5.
5-6th: EC3000 Far Infrared Ray [FIR] Energy Beads
Made of naturally FIR-emitting ceramic clay, these beads energize the water, causing intense vibration which breaks water molecules into smaller clusters that are easily absorbed into and used by body cells. Water is energized for optimum benefit to the body.
7th: KDF + Activated Granular Carbon
NSF-approved Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF), a zinc-copper compound, neutralizes organic and inorganic mercury, trichloroethylene [TCE] and trihalomethanes [THM] and other heavy metals. Also inhibits bacterial growth and preserves the pleasant, fresh state of water. When combined with Activated Granular Carbon, it enhances adsorption of chlorine, 6 to 8 times better.
8th: Magnetic Stones
Magnetic stones create a magnetic field to further breakdown water clusters, producing p-water with NMR* readings of an average of 47Hz, compared to tap water which has an average NMR reading of 120Hz. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a method used to measure the size of water molecule clusters.

Installation and Cleaning:
After using, it is suggested to wash the filter cartridge every month.

Impurity test:

Tested on: plants, flowers, orchids, fish in aquaria, fish in pond, pets, ourselves.
Special tests: microscope, Energy Water Meter gave a high Qi (=life force) outcome. The Chi, Qi, Prana Meter is giving a violet light IF good energy is measured.
Certification: CE
pH value: 7.0-8.0
Purifying position: Terminal Purification
Water Yield (liter/minute): 3.0
Use: Faucet-Mounted
Function: Direct Drink
Package box size: 43x20x20 cm
Filter Water Capacity: One filter cartridge usually can filter and purify about 8000-10000 liters of water. For family use, the lifetime of one filter cartridge is about 9-12 months.

Filtration media is tested and certified by:

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Dimensions 43 × 20 × 20 cm