Power Bugs Multi Zapper – ISHA, Rife (Free Worldwide Fast Shipping)

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Helps with deep killing of microbes or bugs (viruses, parasites, helminths, fungi, bacteria, worms) in areas of pancreas, white substance/brain, thymus, liver, thyroid, and wrist for blood zapping.

The system also works as a Cranial Electrical Stimulator (CES) and Addiction-Painkiller, which can solve problems of long-term addiction with activating the brain to produce endorphins.

ISHA Rife Power Bugs Zapper is a very powerful and important device while you’re working behind a computer, on-the-go doing groceries, or relaxing at your home wellness. Direct input of negative ions instantly wakes you up, it gives you focus, and it may help to be more awake and productive throughout your day.


• negative ions input
• enables you to depower and kill bugs, so they can be easier expelled out or eaten
• fewer neurotoxins from the bugs, which helps to lower thinning rate of nerve endings insulation layer
• less biocommunication errors
• less brain fog/aggression/depression
• less pain

How to use:
• place  2 big TENS pads for spot deep killing and muscle relax/deacidification anywhere on the large body area:

• 2 Ear Clips for brain/eyes/ear bugs killing + Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES):

• place 2 mini TENS pads over arteries (not blue veins) on the same wrist for blood zapping (use with black wristband):

A visual representation of bugs that often make stress to the body:

Blood before using the device (left) and blood two hours after using the device (right):

• ISHA Rife Power Bugs Zapper device
• durable 3.5 mm mini jack connector cable
• big TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) pads for spots
• mini TENS pads for wrist
• ear clips for the brain

Input: 9-Volt battery needed (not included)