Organ Bioreceptor status number 1-2-3-4-5-6 explained

Bioreceptors/Niduses/Energy points are on all levels: systems, organs, tissue, cell, DNA, RNA, and molecules. These are Bio North swirling, nuclear energy creators, energy holders or batteries.

Ideal correlation of the digital signature of the organ under evaluation with the normal signature on file:

Class 0 – human egg cell at the beginning of the division processWhen the graph lines, blue and red form 1 line together at the level between 2-3 and is totally flat in the graph. You will see this happening IF you are disciplined and persist!

Characterization of the imbalanced state of the organ is possible using the following classification method:

Class 1 – the tissue of a healthy embryo before birth (with no bodily functions or toxins present) and preliminary steps of healing processes of the body itself creating new cells and healing from within. 

Class 2 – the tissue of a healthy newborn at the beginning of its life outside the mother, tissue functioning at the beginning stages. Healing processes of the body itself, creating new cells.

Class 3 – actively functioning tissue without toxins present, normal state.

Class 4 – tissue with impaired function, toxin accumulation is just beginning.

Class 5 – tissue with organic changes, in which the toxins accumulated within the cells of the tissue and actively restrict its function.

Class 6 – extreme and (if you do nothing) irreversible state of organic damage, overall tissue disbalance.

Class 6+ – reserve range of organic damage extreme state. Overall tissue disbalance in each bio receptor has always reserve of 40% for Bio communication to be re-established and returned to normal

When we talk about toxins, these are often the neurotoxins produced by microbes or bugs (viruses, parasites, fungi, worms, bacteria, mold, helminths, etc.). To take correct measures, systems need correct information to communicate with the brain and parasympathetic systemAll have to do with redirecting the cells back to the Bio North orientation, so they can swirl, analyze, produce nuclear energy and efficiently communicate with the Bio communication Field.

Microbe Bioreceptor status number understanding:

We don’t want stress related microbes in our body to have energy, therefore we aim for the opposite status numbers:

5, 6 = microbe depowered = normal low microbe bioactivity (do NOT produce stress to the body and mind—we want this)
1, 2, 3, 4 = microbe empowered = abnormal = high microbe bioactivity (produce stress to the body and mind—we don’t want this)

Learn more about Microbe Depower here.

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