Cinchona Bark Tea | Cinchona Pubescens Powder | 300 g

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Discover the natural essence of the Andes with our premium Cinchona Bark Tea, crafted from the finest Cinchona Pubescens Powder. Renowned for its rich history and therapeutic properties, this exquisite herbal tea offers a truly unique and invigorating experience.

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Authentic Andean Origin: Sourced from the lush slopes of the Andes Mountains, our Cinchona Bark Tea is derived from the Cinchona Pubescens plant, revered for centuries for its health benefits.

Purity and Potency: We take great care to select the most potent Cinchona Pubescens Powder, ensuring that every sip of our tea is packed with natural goodness.

Aromatic Flavor: Our Cinchona Bark Tea boasts a delightful blend of earthy and herbal notes, which, when brewed, emanates a tantalizing aroma that awakens the senses.

Versatile and Convenient: The 300g packaging allows you to indulge in multiple servings of this exotic tea or create various culinary infusions.

Wellness Benefits: Cinchona Bark Tea is known for its traditional use to support overall well-being, especially promoting a healthy immune system and supporting a balanced digestive function.

Brewing Instructions: To enjoy the full spectrum of flavors and health benefits, steep 1 teaspoon of Cinchona Pubescens Powder in hot water for 5-7 minutes. Adjust steeping time and amount according to your preference.

Natural and Sustainable: We are committed to sustainable sourcing and production practices, ensuring that every step of the process respects the environment and the local communities involved.

Health Benefits

Immune Support: Cinchona Bark is believed to contain natural compounds that may bolster the immune system, helping the body defend against various infections and illnesses.

Digestive Aid: The natural properties of Cinchona Bark can contribute to a healthy digestive system, assisting with digestion and promoting gastrointestinal comfort.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: This herbal tea may have mild anti-inflammatory effects, potentially offering relief from minor discomforts and promoting overall well-being.

Antioxidant-Rich: Cinchona Bark is known to be a natural source of antioxidants that help combat free radicals and oxidative stress, contributing to healthy cells and tissues.

Embrace the essence of the Andes and experience the rejuvenating powers of Cinchona Bark Tea with Cinchona Pubescens Powder. Savor each sip and bask in the comforting warmth of this extraordinary herbal infusion. Incorporate it into your daily routine and elevate your overall health and wellness.

Note: As with any herbal remedy, please consult your healthcare professional before incorporating Cinchona Bark Tea into your diet, especially if you have any existing medical conditions or are taking other medications. Pregnant or nursing individuals should also seek medical advice before consumption.


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