BIO Vegetable Glycerine, 500 mL

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Cosmetic vegetable glycerin of biological production (INCI: Glycerine)

Glycerin, also known as glycerol, has a sweet taste and is commonly used as a sweetener in the food industry. In fact, it is about 60% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar), but with fewer calories. Its taste is also similar to real BIO honey.

Nebulize it with a mixture of demineralized water and DMSO to regenerate lungs, or drink it to recover intestine. Don’t put too much BIO-VG in, as it won’t nebulize. The more dense it is, the harder it is to nebulize.

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Glycerol is a thick, odourless, colourless syrup produced as a by-product of soap making. It is found in all butters, vegetable and animal; it is produced by hydrolysis of fat or fermentation of sugar. It softens the skin and helps it to absorb and retain moisture. Glycerol is thought to draw moisture from skin cells and thus help and maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Glycerin is a viscous, sweet-tasting liquid that is colourless and odourless. It is soluble in alcohol and water, but not in oils. It binds water strongly and serves as a hydrating or moisturising agent in cosmetic products. If you leave an open bottle of glycerine in the kitchen, after a while you will find 80% glycerine and 20% water in the bottle. It works the same way in cosmetic products.


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